Tuesday, August 09, 2005

SECDEF: Weapons from Iran Found in Iraq (And . . . ?)

SECDEF Rumsfeld has mumbled something or other about our boys having found weapons in Iraq that have been coming in by way of Iran.

In his uniquely mealy-mouthed way, he made excuses for the perpetrators by saying that it was not clear whether the weapons come from the Iranian Government or from non-Government entities.

Excuse me, Mr. Rumsfeld? Who CARES if they are from the Iranian Government or "other parties" in Iran. They are FROM IRAN in either case!

The question is: What are YOU and our happily vacationing President going to DO ABOUT IT (other than passively sit by and let them blast our boys to Kingdom Come)?

This guy (who voted for Bush and who has a son currently serving in Iraq) is putting you rich, detached, bureaucrats on notice.

Maybe the Republican Senate is cowed by your power and maybe the James Dobsons and Jerry Falwells are willing to give you a pass and maybe the Rush Limbaughs and the Sean Hannities will greedily slaver over your shoes, but THIS GUY says it is MORE than HIGH TIME that we took our gloves off and stopped fighting by the current ridiculous Marquis de Queensbury rules and busting our own boys when they don't treat detained cutthroats like nobility.

Moreover, it is WELL past time to make Syria and Iran pay for there depradations. You have stood by and allowed Syria and Iran to remain UNTOUCHED as they funnel men and materiel in to Iraq that end up KILLING AMERICAN GIs. This kind of inaction bespeaks of a less-than-rigid spine, Mr. Rumsfeld.

Whatever happened to your old "Shock and Awe" policy, anyway?

Look, you started this war: It is high time you (and President Bush)sucked it up and started taking the steps that will be required to win it -- and the enemy isn't "Terror" (as in the "War on").

Can either you or the President please try mouthing these words -- "We are fighting the Islamofascists who are determined to end our way of life." (I didn't think so.)

Please don't tell me how sad you are about men who die because you are sitting on your hands.

Time to wage war like WE MEAN IT, Grandpa!


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