Saturday, August 06, 2005

"Islam" Means "Peace" in English; but "Death to the Infidels" in Arabic/Farsi/Urdu/etc

Did you ever wonder why Islam keeps spawning an endless supply of terrorist-murderers, while its leaders go "tsk-tsk" before the television cameras?

Well, read this write-up on the Muslim concept of taqiya (or: taqiyya) to get a little insight into the way that Muslims say it is okay to dissemble to infidels.
(hat tip: lgf.)

Aww, that's just theory, you might be tempted to reply. Well, then try this one on for size: The London Times has in recent months had an undercover reporter associating in secret with Muslims in London, and he found out the same thing -- Saviour Sect Leader Sheikh Omar Bakri Mohammed, who in public has condemned the killing of innocent persons, in private referred to the 7/7 London bombers as the "fantastic four." (Hat tip: wisdom in words, via lgf.)

In other words, judge them by their actions and not by their words. Hey the Koran forbids Muslims from being friends of Christians and Jews. That leaves us rather likely to fall into the "enemy" category, then, doesn't it?

Michael Savage (radio host) has begun to raise the discussion topics of "internment" and "deportation" for Muslims in this country. I am saying it is time to talk about it, too.

If the radicals are a small minority within the larger US Muslim community, but the larger US Muslim community is either unable (by reason of fear) or unwilling (because sympathetic) to "rat out" the bastards who plan to kill us, than we have no option but to "quarantine" our infected neighbor until the disease he is carrying is cured.


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