Monday, August 08, 2005

America-Hater Peter Jennings Passes

Well, ABC is telling us how great Peter Jennings was. (Hat tip: Drudge.)

President George W. Bush, ersatz Conservative that he is, today droned on and on and ON ad nauseum in his Texas drawl about what a great man Peter Jennings was. (Hat tip: Drudge.)

Michael Savage on the radio today could not even bring himself to call Jennings "evil," but he did nail him for being a high-school dropout.

However, one man rose to the occasion and nailed Peter Jennings for the Israel-hating, America-hating, leftist news "spinner" that he was: The fearless aaron of aaron's cc:! You MUST read this in its entirety.

In fact, I think Michael Savage was just being his emotional self by not calling Jennings evil. Actually, Jennings was Exhibit "A" of "the enemy within" against whose evil power and influence Savage (rightly) warns us against day and night on his radio show!


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