Sunday, August 07, 2005

Pres. Bush Hands the Big Corps CAFTA -- You and I Get the SHAFTA

Well, before beginning an extended five-week(!) vacation, President Bush late last month gave big corporations the "free trade" deal they wanted in CAFTA -- but in the process likely gave you and me the "SHAFTA"!

Think about it, if it is really "free trade," why do they have to pass a law to make it happen? (Whatever happened to "market forces.")

One thing is certain: If Congress is calling it "free trade," it must be pork or payola (or both) for someone.

Big Corps will now be exporting still more jobs from the US. (Why keep a factory in the US, where workers earn $20/hour, when you can move it to El Salvador and pay the workers $2/hour?) It's too often about the bottom line for overpaid execs at the top -- American national interests are of little concern for them. (They have Congress bought and paid for, after all -- with a little help from their friends in the White House.)

If you want to have job skills for the future in America, learn how to flip hamburgers!

This is Bush's answer to illegal immigration? Export the good jobs, so the illegals can stay at home: Let's save them the trouble of having to sneak in!

The ever-diligent Henry Lamb of WND has more on the subject here.


Anonymous Cristopher Schippers said...

Quite agreed.

Sun Nov 27, 01:29:00 AM PST  

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