Sunday, August 07, 2005

Memo to Bush/Rummy: Support OUR Troops, For CRYING Out Loud

I am upset. I am incensed. Our "leadership" in Washington (or, as Michael Savage might say: "our spineless leaders"), to wit, Bush, Rumsfeld, Rice, Congress, you name it, are NOT supporting our troops worth a nickel.

First they went Tango Uniform on the ludicrous "Abu Ghraib" and "Gitmo" so-called "detainee abuse scandals," trying to wash their hands of any responsibility for roughing up the bad guys (who NEEDED roughing up, dammit!), and then gutlessly hanging out a bunch of low-ranking troops for court martials and ABSURDLY long prison sentences. In the case of Gitmo, guards have actually been disciplined for DEFENDING themselves against physical attacks by the detainees.

Recently, eleven soldiers were arrested in Baghdad for -- you guessed it -- "detainee abuse." Mind you, none of the "victiims" of this detainee abuse were so much as hospitalized, but our authorities have arrested 11 hardworking troops who were no doubt simply trying to to their job.

One of the eleven, an NCO, was cited for (horrors!) UNHOLSTERING HIS SIDEARM in the presence of a detainee! I didn't say for firing his weapon, or for shooting the detainee. That's right, I said for UNHOLSTERING his weapon in the presence of a detainee.

This is nonsense! The American people will have none of it, Mssrs Bush and Rumsfeld! If you -- and your Perfumed-Prince Generals/Admirals think THIS is any way to fight -- let alone WIN -- a war, you are sadly mistaken.

Just like in the Battle for Fallujah, where we tried NOT to destroy mosques that were actively being used as firing points on our Marines, and in Syria, where the Bush Administration is apparently too timid to drop bombs on the supply lines for the terrorists coming in to Iraq to KILL OUR troops, this arresting of our troops whenever they look crosseyed at the enemy is going to: 1) encourage the enemy; 2)demoralize our troops; and (3) get more of our troops killed.

Now, don't get me wrong: I am NOT antiwar! I am PRO-WAR. I want us to KICK SERIOUS TAIL in Iraq and in Iran and in Syria and in Sudan and elsewhere, if necessary.

However, I do NOT approve of the way the Bush/Rummy team is running scared of the MSM and the jihadist-sympathizing Democrats (chief among them Senator Kennedy).

Further, the President's going on a five-week vacation to his Crawford ranch while there is a war on is so egregiously arrogant that I could spit.


Blogger Call Me Grandma said...

Someimes, when I hear these talking heads speaking about detainee rights and soldiers being arrested because they were to hard on civilains or even terrorist, while in battle, I wonder, what the hell do they think this is a tea party? How do you win a war when you can't let the other side fear you. I say, drop the bombs, interrogate in an agressive manner and get the job done. Forget tip toeing around the enemy. Ludicrous, is the word that comes to mind. I wonder what would our fore fathers think, if they seen us now. We would not be here today if they were afraid to offend the mother land (England).
It is a hard time to be in the military. To many hoops to jump through.

Sun Aug 07, 01:36:00 PM PDT  
Blogger GunJam said...

Wow! Right on, Military Mom! Funny that my comment and your reply were both written by parents of troops in Iraq.

Sun Aug 07, 03:41:00 PM PDT  

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