Monday, July 25, 2005

The Insanity of America's Military Leaders

Here is a perfect example of the total insanity of today's military leadership. (And, yes, that buck in that chain stops at W.'s desk. Here we see the conviction of a US soldier for inadvertently kiling a friendly Iraqi. (He was so scared that he actually shot HIMSELF in the stomach, as he KNEW he would be hung out to dry.)

Meanwhile, American hero Pat Tillman was killed by friendly fire over a year ago -- only to have it covered up by Army brass. How many people were jailed over this tragic loss? ZERO.

Incidentally, CPL Berg's attorney, Mr. Charles W. Gittins, also defended Lt Pantano, USMC. He is a SUPERB military justice attorney -- and, from the looks of things, he is working in a real growth sector, as the Army seems intent on busting any GI who so much as looks cross-eyed at an Iraqi.

So, NOW do you get the "logic" of our insane military leaders, who are no longer prosecuting the War in Iraq to win it?

Let me spell it out for you: Kill Pat Tillman (by accident): NO PROBLEM! Kill a friendly Iraqi by accident: GO TO JAIL!

There you have it: US military "justice" in a nutshell.

It is reprehensible: Some generals and admirals need to be sent to prison, in my view.

As for SECDEF Rumsfeld, he folded like wet cardboard the MINUTE the Dems said "Abu Ghraib abuses!" He should be canned for not standing behind his troops even at the jeopardy of his own career -- but, NOOOOOOO: He hung them out to dry.

So, now: putting panties over the head of a terrorist murderer is a court-martial offense.

As Michael Savage says, by these standards, a good portion of the Marine Corps in the Pacific would have been court martialed for what they did to the Japanese during WWII!.


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