Saturday, August 06, 2005

Justice Stevens "Moons" Families of Murder Victims

Supreme Court "Justice" John Paul Stevens, President Ford's 'gift' to America, figuratively speaking, "mooned" the families of murder victims yesterday evening (Saturday, 8/6/2005) when the 85-year-old Loony Left-Winger severely criticized the death penalty before the American Bar Association.

A couple of questions for Justice Stevens: Was the death penalty in effect at the time the Constitution/Bill of Rights were written and ratified? (Answer: Yes.) Has there ever been an Amendment passed barring the execution of: people under 16 years of age, mentally retarded persons, or people in general? (Answer: No.)

Another question for the alleged "Justice": Are you such a nitwit that you do not understand that the Framers were informed by the Bible when they formulated this country's founding documents? The Bible everywhere indicates that the death penalty is the reasonable penalty for premeditated murder. (ACLU: Call your office!)

Biblical Logic: If you steal a cow, you repay the victim in kind (with a cow). If you steal a life (via premeditated murder), you repay in kind (with your own life). Contra asinine liberal nonthought, to require anything less DEVALUES life.

In effect, "Justice" Stevens "mooned" the families of murder victims, saying, "Get over it! The life of the murderer is worth more than that of your slain loved one."


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