Sunday, July 03, 2005

Michael Yon: War Correspondent Extraordinaire

If you have not stopped by to read Michael Yon's heart-wrenching blog today, you are missing out. His entry for July 02 is especially moving. Hard to read with dry eyes.

Yon, a former Army SF NCO, is a completely independent reporter embedded with our troops in Iraq. Yon doesn't take the easy way out: He goes out on patrol; crisscrosses the country in a HumVee; etc.

Yon does not sugarcoat what he sees: Still he is not antiwar -- he is very pro-GI Joe and very sympathetic to the innocent Iraqis so often brutalized by the terrorists.

If you have been getting your news input on Iraq from such America-hating poison-spewers as the NYT or CNN, then you need a daily dose of Michael Yon to give yourself a bit of perspective.

A salute to The Mudville Gazette and Open Post.


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