Friday, July 01, 2005

Outrageous Abuse at Gitmo Documented!

I have had it! The now DOCUMENTED abuse at Gitmo must NOT be allowed to continue! If you thought I was referring (a la Dick Durbin) to "detainee abuse" at the hands of our military guards, you will be sorely disappointed.

No, I am talking about the documented abuse of our soldiers guarding these lawless thugs by the very individuals they are tiptoeing around during prayer time, gifting with Korans with two hands (gloved, thank you!), and giving a MENU CHOICE of different Halal (Muslim version of Jewish concept of Kosher) meals THREE TIMES A DAY!

One must realize that it must truly HURT AP to have to release this story. (Evidently, they sensed that the American public had had their fill of AP reporters covering the war from the TERRORISTS' PERSPECTIVE and felt that they had to do a bit of "penance," perhaps.) One must also figure that if AP says the behavior of the detainees toward their keepers at Gitmo was this bad, then it must in fact be much WORSE than this AP story limns out.

I am rather confident in my assertion in the prior paragraph, based on a link to a Fox News (Linda Vester's) blog that I had posted earlier, where one of the former Gitmo guards plainly spelled out that one of the foul "liquids" (AP) that the detainees have been known to throw on our boys (and girls) at Gitmo is SEMEN(!). (Gross enough for you? But, oh, Dick Durbin's heart truly BLEEDS for these guys: Care to host them in your house sometime, Dick?)

But what REALLY incenses me is that we are BUSTING the soldiers' in rank who bother either to defend themselves from attack or to rescue their buddies in distress. This is another sign that the Bush Administration is suffering from a sort of psychosis -- fight the war on the one hand, but (risibly) attempt to win the "respect" of the Muslim/liberal media by bending over backwards to defend these incarcerated throat-slitters. This is the same mentality that led to USMC Lt Pantano to face murder charges for offing a couple of terrorists on patrol.

Our "perfumed princes" (the late David Hackworth's apt term for ticket punching, careerist generals and admirals) apparently don't think twice about punishing honest American soldiers for doing their job in direct contact with these killers. Perhaps, our generals should try tending to these creeps for a day to get a feel for what it is like!

May I submit that we cannot win this war if we continue to fight it according to some politically correct pattern dreamed up by some political types in Washington?

May I suggest that some heads should roll for busting a soldier who rescued his buddy from a vicious attack at the hands of a detained terrorist?

We ask these soldiers to guard these jihadists at great risk to their own health -- catering to them no less -- and we reward them with disciplinary action for fighting back when these bastards attack them or their buddies? Helllllllloooooooooooooooo? Anybody HOME in the Pentagon or the White House? (Mr. Bush? Mr. Rumsfeld? Please extricate crania from rectal cavities!)

I say: Time to fire a general or two for not having enough FIRE in their belly. Oh, and if I had been asked by one of the pollsters last week if I approved of the way that President Bush was fighting the war, I would have said: NO! I am NOT satisfied -- not because I think we are being too "mean" to the terrorists, but because we are NOT being MEAN ENOUGH!

One good example: During the second battle for Fallujah, when Army artillery saw a mosque being used as a firing station against our Marines, the artillery captain had to ask for "permission" to destroy the mosque. The request apparently went very high in the chain. The answer came back an HOUR later: Yes -- target the mosque. My question: Just how many Marines were killed or wounded during that one hour delay? To put it into perspective: How many Protestant and Catholic churches do you think the RAF and the USAAF destroyed during the WWII firebombing of Dresden?

I say: Let's wake up and smell the coffee and fight this (worldwide) war like we MEAN it! This is a clash of civilizations, whether Newsweek, Durbin, Kennedy -- or Bush and Rumsfeld, for that matter, get it or not!


Blogger Rob said...

Yes, life sure is tough over at Club Gitmo. Those poor, poor terrorists.

I, too, wonder how many Marines and soldiers are killed due to hesitation and permission-seeking to destoy a mosque used by terrorists as a firebase. If there's a single gun barrel poking out of it, it should be immediately leveled.

Mon Jul 04, 11:37:00 AM PDT  
Blogger GunJam said...

Rob, great post! Thank you for leaving it. This is why I am not a great fan of either Bush or Rumsfeld -- they seem somehow mechanical, removed, and unfeeling for the dangers our troops face. Under their leadership too many gestures are shown to the enemy, while too many harsh punishments are meted out to our men for just doing reasonable wartime work. Conservatives like to rah-rah them both. I say rah-rah them when they are right and give them the Bronx Cheer when they are wrong -- and wrong they are in the matters laid out here.

Wed Jul 06, 04:21:00 PM PDT  

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