Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Okay: Let's get this straight! We know that women born to Arabic-speaking parents in the Middle East:
1.) Are unattractive
2.) Are illiterate
3.) Are Muslim
4.) Wear a Hijab (muslim woman's head-scarf)
5.) Want their sons to grow up to become suicide bombers
6.) Hate Israel and the Jews
7.) Hate America and Americans
8) Love the Jihadists

Well, in the case of Brigitte Gabriel, you would be wrong with each of the answers above!

I recently heard the Lebanese-born Ms. Gabriel the other day on local talk show host Carl Wiglesworth's show. The woman is simply electrifying. She is the survivor of anti-Christian jihadists who systematically attempted to wipe out Lebanon's Christians during the Lebanese civil war that took place during her childhood. She literally lived underground and sometimes ate grass to survive.

The charming and eloquent Ms. Gabriel is fluent in four languages: Arabic, French, Hebrew, and English -- and she is now a naturalized and VERY PATRIOTIC American citizen.

She is VERY concerned that we have become FAR TOO politically correct in our treatment of the Jihadist threat -- to include our absurd kid-gloved treatment of the Guantanamo detainees. Ms. Gabriel says that the interned detainees openly refer to their residence (in Arabic) as "a resort."

Ms. Gabriel also warns against the danger of allowing private Muslim schools (madrassas) to function in this country, as they indoctrinate young Muslim minds in the Koran, which is the original Jihadist manifesto!

Ms. Gabriel has started her own organization, the American Congress for Truth, to educate Americans concerning the Muslim threat from WITHIN and to push for needed legal reforms, sometimes using petitions.

Please click on her organization's site and learn more.

One chilling comment that she made on the radio this week: Everyone of us WHO LIVES IN THE UNITED STATES has (unknowingly) talked to or bought something from a terrorist sometime in our lives!


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