Wednesday, June 29, 2005

More Mush from the Wimp (White House spokes"man" Scott McClellan)

A few days back, WND ran a piece highlighting White House Spokesman Scott McClellan's light-in-the-loafers answers to questions by KGO radio reporter Sarah Scott and WND White House correspondent Les Kinsolving about President Bush's response to the this week's odious landmark decision regarding eminent domain. The gelding McClellan's repeated response: "... we have to respect the decisions of the Supreme Court."

Well, how's that, folks, for a leader who is willing to go to the mat for his constituents? As Mr. Kinsolving suggested to Mr. McClellan, what is to stop someone from starting a business project to claim the Crawford ranch in eminent domain, if that is the best the White House can do. I mean what is good for the constituent goose is good for the elected official gander!

Well, guess what? As Aaron's cc: points out, the tough guys and girls (grin) in Congress can ALSO rectify (read: REVERSE) a bad High Court decision. The High Court ITSELF admitted this in one of its own decisions (Toolson, 1953), when it opined:

While the Supreme Court ruled in Toolson (1953) that the decision in the Federal Baseball case was in error, they held that since the situation had not been altered by Congress during the intervening 30 years, that it was an issue to be addressed by Congress and not the courts.

Well, don't hold your breath, as Congress runs on mutual back-scratching and pork, and President Bush is salivating over the opportunity to place his amigo, Attorney General, on the Supreme Court, as CNN suggests here. Gonzalez is unlikely to be a Constitutional crusader for our Bill of Rights liberties!


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