Tuesday, January 02, 2007

I Personally Find Dealing with Earthlink Customer Support to Be a Nightmare

I Personally Find Dealing with Earthlink Customer Support to Be a Nightmare

As a long-time user – and a former unofficial cheerleader for – Earthlink Internet services, I can say, that (JD Powers & Associates findings to contrary notwithstanding) in my personal experience – over the past decade or so, dealing with Earthlink has gone from very quick and easy to a…..hair-pulling…. nightmare.

First, calling them on the phone takes you to various nested voice menus that offer options that I don’t want.

When I call another number, I am put on hold for an inordinate amount of time.  Or, told to call back at another time.  (Huh?)

When I do get someone, it is inevitably a technician in either the Philippines or India, who either has a an accent I find challenging to deal with or who simply does not understand the basic US business cultural ethos.  (Hey, I don’t understand the Filipino or Indian business ethoi, either, but, then again, I don’t work as a phone-based support tech for those regions, either.)

I have had bad experiences with everything from their support for highspeed Internet connections, Web hosting, and their Internet telephone services.

My suspicions are that major account holders get the kid-glove treatment, while the rest of us are treated like, well, rather like beggars looking for a handout.

I have available to me in my locale both Time Warner and AT&T.  I am open to suggestions.  


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