Tuesday, January 02, 2007

President Bush, Please Extricate Your Cranium from your Posterior Cavity in Re: CAIR!

President Bush, Please Extricate Your Cranium from your Posterior Cavity in Re:  CAIR!

When it comes to dealing with the Jihadi-Symp, pro-Shari’ah-Law (see here also), American Islamist pressure group, CAIR – or, for that matter, any issue dealing with Islam – it  is becoming painfully clear that the Ultra-Dhimmified, lickspittle, sycophantic Bush Administration not only DOES not get it, but also – as has now become patently obvious – blatantly REFUSES to get it.

In fact, (as Andrew C. McCarthy delineates in excruciating detail) key Bush Administration officials – including first and foremost the President himself (also, here) and his woefully underqualified SecState, Condhimmi Rice – have apparently made it their considered policy (if not their cause celebre) – to bury their noses as deeply as possible into the backsides of the leaders of American pro-Islamist organizations such as CAIR, as if to say, “See, we are not prejudiced; and there are no bad Muslims, really – just sincere, but misguided Muslims who misunderstand us.  (Hat tip: MichelleMalkin.)

lgf also righteously flays the lobotomized Bush Administration for this latest outrage in connection with the TSA.gov Web site.  

In the meantime, (as Ms. Malkin also points out) prominent Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer recently (and at the cost of some severe CAIR-generated backlash) distanced herself from the CAIR organization.  (Hat tip: lgf.)

President Bush appears to be well on his way to occupying the bottom shelf of former Presidents – right there alongside the ultimate toad, former President Carter.

Very few Presidents have had a greater opportunity to – well, become great – than did GWB.  Yet, it is hard to imagine anyone so steadfastly AVOIDING opportunities for greatness than this unfortunate occupant of the White House – for whom I voted and for whom I once held such high hopes.

Update:  In war, it is important to study the the thinking of the enemy, especially, the “enemy within.”  


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