Friday, December 15, 2006

Secretary of the Navy Gordon England Is beneath Contempt!

Secretary of the Navy Gordon England Is beneath Contempt!

Let’s see…. When is the LAST TIME ANYONE can remember the SECRETARY of ANY branch of the military PRESIDING over the promotion of a lowly O-3 to the slightly-less-low rank of O-4?

Answer:  The recent promotion of a MUSLIM Navy chaplain.

Yes.  By the same Secretary of the Navy who has permitted the suppression of prayers in Jesus’ Name by his Evangelical Christian chaplains.

I have heard similarly disturbing reports about the currently serving Commandant of the Naval Academy.

Obviously, the case can be made that Islam is being given preferential treatment by the Department of the Navy.  See this story about Guantanamo.

Our once proud Navy is in the hands of Dhimmis and vermicelli-spined politicians.

President Bush and SecDef Dumbsfeld – and NOT the Democrats – are to blame for this state of affairs.  (Of course, the Democrats probably would have done the same thing.)


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