Sunday, December 17, 2006

Ruben Navarette Orgasmic over Richardson (Because He is Brown!)

Ruben Navarette Orgasmic over Richardson (Because He is Brown!)

Well, while most of the MSM is in Obagasm mode over Senator Barack Hussein Obama (D-IL), mild-mannered, decent moderate commentator Ruben Navarette appears to be in a similar mode over his own favorite, Governor Richardson of New Mexico – who admittedly has a FAR superior resume to that of Obama’s.

However, Navarette overreaches when he opines:

On the other hand, if the anti-illegal-immigrant backlash continues in many communities around the country -- and continues to morph, as it has been, into an anti-Hispanic backlash -- Richardson could spend half the campaign trying to convince those with closed minds and hair-trigger prejudices that his loyalty lies with the United States and not with Mexico.

Hmmm.  So, the anti-illegal referenda items that passed last month in the heavily Hispanic border state of Arizona are only of anecdotal interest to you, Mr. Navarette?

And we are not supposed to be upset by the rate of rapes and murders committed by illegals on our soil?  How about the way illegals (largely Hispanic) are filling our prisons, and over-burdening our hospital emergency rooms and public schools?

Besides – and this is VERY disturbing to me – Richardson is at an equally clueless level of understanding to that of Obama on how to deal with Iraq as (favorably) posted on a liberal blog.

Since Mr. Navarette appears to agree with Governor Richardson that a border fence is a bad idea, I wonder if he will buy land on the border and enjoy having it trashed by a continual stream of illegal immigrants?  (I am not holding my breath.)

I don’t care if Richardson is brown – but I DO care about his core convictions and his good judgment (or lack thereof).


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