Saturday, December 16, 2006

Where Muslims Rule, Followers of Other Religions Leave: Bethlehem’s Christian Residents Fleeing

Where Muslims Rule, Followers of Other Religions Leave:  Bethlehem’s Christian Residents Fleeing

Here is a story that largely elicits yawns from the MSM sharks who fairly obsess every John Doe Muslim gets his panties in a bunch because the Kafirs fail to show enough deference to his every imperious demand for ever yet MORE rights (e.g., rights to board an airplane and act like hijackers; rights for women who are covered from head to toe to be exempt from compliance to any identity-collection methods on public busses, etc.)

To what story do I allude?  Why the incredibly fast-shrinking resident Chistian Arab population in the City of Bethlehem.  A story that WND will not permit to be ignored.

Oh, some like to try to blame this one on Israel, but under scrutiny, those charges will never stick.

No:  We can lay the blame for this religious-cleansing process on the followers of Islam.

Where is the Dhimmified, Arabist-dominated US State Department on this issue?  (Related question:  Do we even have a Secretary of State?)  Where is President Bush on this issue?  Where is the new Secretary General of the United Nations on this issue.  (Hint:  They are all missing in action.)

Here is one that simply cannot be blamed on the “Jooooooooooos.”

Update:  Charles Johnson of lgf has also posted on this same subject!


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