Saturday, February 25, 2006

Ruben Navarette: Pundit Extraordinaire

Ruben Navarette:  Pundit Extraordinaire

I like Ruben Navarette.  I first discovered Mr. Navarette when he used to do opinion pieces for WND and one of the Dallas newspapers.  I immediately discovered a refreshingly honest and unpredictable writer.  One day I was cursing him;  I was singing his praises the next.

Now, Mr. Navarette has migrated to the San Diego Union-Tribune, which is understandable, as Mr. Navarette is a native Californian.  However, his pieces usually also appear on the Real Clear Politics site, which is where I read them.

Mr. Navarette is a second-generation American, born of Mexican immigrants.  English is his first language (as he makes clear in one of the pieces linked to below) and he is a Harvard graduate (which isn’t too shabby).

While I often disagree with him, Mr. Navarette truly  cannot be categorized as a leftist or a racist or a Liberal or a conservative.  

Although I am to the right of Mr. Navarette on the illegal immigration controversy, Mr. Navarette does a wonderful deal of highlighting the absurd excesses of what I term the Brown Supremacists (MY term, NOT Mr. Navarette’s), while also posing reasonable questions to those (like me) who populate the other end of the illegal immigration-debate perspective.

In a recent piece, Mr. Navarette gives eloquent testimony to the reality of assimilation as it pertains to Mexican immigrants.  It needs to be read. One of Mr. Navarette’s talents is that of highlighting the unique pressures faced by assimilated immigrants of Mexican descent: sometimes loved by no one; reviled by all.

I understand his position very well, living in San Antonio as I do, where I am surrounded by hard-working, assimilated, patriotic, English-only-speaking (or limited-Spanish-speaking) Americans of Mexican (or other Latino) descent.  

(Not that we don’t ALSO have a bunch of illegal immigrants and in-your-face, Spanish-first, Brown Supremacists here, of course.  The City of San Antonio Government, for instance, seems to fancy itself a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mexico.)  But Mr. Navarette has a written barb or two for these types, as well.

Then, in another piece dealing with the Port Gate controversy, Mr. Navarette reasonably challenges the President to make his case for the (so far unconvincingly-presented) ports turn-over-to-the-UAE proposal.  I think that Mr. Navarette probably speaks for most Americans on this issue.

Mr. Navarette loves his country, has a good head on his shoulders, enjoys good moral clarity (refreshingly mixed with humility and humor in equal parts), and could do a great deal to guide any politician in either major party who wants to know what many decent people (not JUST decent Latino people) are thinking these days.  


Anonymous Anonymous said...

kI cant stand the racist sack of steaming crap!
Talk about exploiting his own kind for a dollar. He ought to be made to pick cotton for a year or two for almost no money, and live in filth like an animal, and THEN you can type about how the Mexicans that are here ILLEGALLY deserve respect. Ruben does nothing more than polish shit for a living and pad his hip pocket. He don't give a rip about Mexicans

Fri Apr 11, 05:17:00 PM PDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You nailed it right on the head. If you read Ruben Navarette and think that he makes good points, then you are clearly uneducated or immoral, or both. He takes grey issues and makes them black and white. He HAS sold out his own people, and he DOES make money thanks to their suffering. I don't know what the man would say to me if he had more than 2500 words, but based on his articles, I can't imagine it would be more than the exact same 2500 words.

"Polishes shit for a living" true.

Fri Jan 02, 01:05:00 PM PST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ruben Navarett is basically an idiot. Here's a Hispanic who supports racists in the Republican party.Ruben even supported Alberto Gonzalez. I guess he liked his last name... forget about his total lack of understanding of "the law" or the "Constitution."

Anyway, Ruben is so complicated... or maybe he just likes the money from writing a conservative column with his ethnic name -smile.

Fri Apr 23, 08:42:00 AM PDT  

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