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Hey, Donohue! How about Savage Agrees to Apologize for Calling the Top Catholic Clergy “Pigs” When YOU Admit Some of Them Are Soft on Immigration

Hey, Donohue!  How about Savage Agrees to Apologize for Calling the Top Catholic Clergy “Pigs” When YOU Admit Some of Them Are Soft on Illegal Immigration?

I listen to Michael Savage whenever I can.  Michael Savage is a remarkable man.  He is brilliant, well-rounded, talented, humorous, emotional, honest, and – above all – one of the most ferociously patriotic lovers of this country I have ever heard give forth.

Oh, and I forgot – Savage (nee Michael Weiner) is Jewish.  

To be fair:  While I certainly don’t hate Catholics (friends, neighbors, relatives, co-workers of mine number among them), I do not have any love for the Roman Catholic hierarchy (for reasons too numerous to discuss now).  However, it should be duly noted that (until this post) I have rarely, if ever, singled out the Roman Catholic Church for criticism in this blog.

I say this, because, until last week, I HAVE NEVER heard Michael Savage utter ONE critical word about the Catholic Church (and he talks about it often).  On the contrary, he has praised the Church for its moral stands on various issues.

However, as a hit piece on Savage that ran in (not-so-subtly pro-Catholic) Newsmax today points out, that all changed last week – and the catalyst for the change is the issue of illegal immigration.

I have never heard anyone speak more boldly, more candidly, more animatedly, or more angrily than Michael Savage about the issue of illegal immigration.  Savage does NOT hate immigrants (His parents came here from the former Soviet Union.).  Savage does NOT hate Mexicans, and often praises them for their work and family ethics.

However, Savage – unlike Roger Cardinal Mahony of Los Angeles (and, apparently, Bill Donohue, of the militantly Romanist Catholic League) – is able to morally discern between legal and illegal immigrants.

For years, Savage has stood by the Catholic Church in one political trial after another, defending it on his radio show against the vicious attacks of the Left.

However, it seems very obvious that Savage had expected better from the Roman Catholic Church than pro-illegal-immigrant political activism.  I suspect that Savage, in fact, felt betrayed – stabbed in the back – by LA prelate Mahony (a prelate whose career has not been left untouched by the Catholic Church’s clergy molestation scandals).

I was listening to the show last week, where – over the issue of illegal immigration – Savage lashed out (for the first time ever) at the Catholic Church, calling their leaders “pigs.”  He – in his inimitable way – gave the Catholic Church hierarchy a dressing down (from a social conservative) that (in my view) was LONG overdue.  (You see, criticizing the Catholic Church is taboo among Conservatives.  Hint: Name the last time you have ever heard Rush or Hannity unleash a salvo against the Roman Catholic Church?

What I did NOT know from listening to Savage’s on-air chastisement of the Roman Catholic hierarchy, but as the Newsmax article points out, apparently Savage was planning to have Mr. Donohue on his show that very same day, only at the last minute canceling the guest when he learned that Donohue was nothing more than a Chatty Cathy Doll for the Catholic clergy on the issue.

I have no doubt that Savage was stunned by the non-clerical Donohue’s support for the Church’s pro-illegal-immigrant advocacy.  In fact, Savage said during his outburst that, while he had stood (unthanked and unrecognized) by the Roman Catholic Church through many a trial over the past decade, he had expected better of the Catholic hierarch on the critical issue of illegal immigration.

As the (very one-sided) NewsMax screed points out, Savage let loose his venom about thirty minutes after Donohue was rejected as a guest after a “pre-interview” with Savage’s producer.

I sincerely believe that, at that very moment, it crystallized in Savage’s mind what was going on:  As he articulated on air, this was nothing to be mistaken for caring for the downtrodden sojourners in our midst but – rather (as some 90-plus-per cent of all illegals today are at least nominally Catholic) – this was about hardball, power politics in its most naked form: Rome wants the illegals legalized to make this country far more Catholic than it already is.

So, I stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Savage on this issue:  The Roman Catholic Church it has been said, is like a lamb when its members are in the distinct minority in a country, like a fox when their numbers approach parity, but like a lion when they become predominant.

It became clear this past week that that fox, Mahoney, has aspirations to be America’s religious “Lion King.”

By the way, our LORD called Herod “that fox.”  Hmmmm.  If the shoe fits, wear it, Your Eminence.

People need to get a grip:  Martin Luther used routinely to describe the Pope and other Catholic clergy in very vivid language easily on a par with Savage’s allegedly offending words – and, yet, politically-savvy Catholic leaders have in modern times seen fit to incorporate Luther’s classic hymn, “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God” into some Catholic worship services.  Go figure.


Blogger Elizabeth said...

I think you are right about the underlying reason why the Catholic Church is unconcerned about illegal immigration.

As for Michael Savage--I always find it interesting when Jews change their names to appear less Jewish...of course these are usually the same people who later in life will talk about how important to them their Jewish identity is...

Tue Apr 04, 08:44:00 AM PDT  
Blogger GunJam said...

Hi, Elizabeth! I am glad that we agree on something (again), as unusual as that may be. I will let your dig at Savage pass, as you probably have reasons for making it (however, they may not apply to Savage). -- gunjam

Tue Apr 04, 03:59:00 PM PDT  

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