Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Catholic Church Hierarchy Continues Open Collusion with Far Left to Abet Illegal Aliens – Escapes Bad Press

Catholic Church Hierarchy Continues Open Collusion with Far Left to Abet Illegal Aliens – Escapes Bad Press

I have recently posted twice already (first, here; and then here) on the outlandish support that the US Roman Catholic hierarchy has been openly giving to the illegal alien cause in this country.  

At recent mass demonstrations, Catholic bishops have publicly stood shoulder-to-shoulder with La Raza racists, ANSWER leftists, Black Panthers, and other subversive groups, speaking out on behalf of instant amnesty for the some 20 (?) million illegal aliens in this country.

Now, it is no secret that the VAST majority of illegal aliens are from Mexico – and that they are over 90% professing Roman Catholics.  How convenient.  

The posture of the Catholic prelates strikes me as covetousness.  They so lusting over the prospect of all these new extra citizens (many of whom have nothing better to do than clog the streets of our major cities en masse), that they are happy to undermine the principle of law and order (which, I once heard the Roman Catholic Church supported) to get them.

And, please don’t tell me this is all about caring for the oppressed.  No one has ever stopped any church group (of any persuasion) from handing out a meal here and there to the needy (of whatever ethnic or national origin).

This is about naked political activism – and these Catholic prelates appear, for the most part – to be getting a free ride from BOTH the mainstream press (as is to be expected), AS WELL AS from the conservative blogosphere (which is somewhat surprising to me, given their frequent eagerness to savage Evangelical leader Pat Robertson for his gaffes).  

In an AP piece by Suzanne Gamboa, Roman Catholic Cardinal Theodore McCarrick of Washington, is virtually painted as a hero of the oppressed masses.

Similarly, in her otherwise wide-ranging and hard-hitting coverage of the illegal swarm in Washington, DC, yesterday (Monday, April 10), Michelle Malkin gives the Roman Catholic hierarchy a free pass by omitting any mention of McCarrick’s appearance.  

I am still hoping for responsible, civic-minded, conservative American Catholic laymen to call their Church leaders’ hand on their most recent foray into Leftist political activism.

lgf has a good discussion on yesterday’s illegal alien swarms here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a Roman Catholic I am deeply offended by my Church's engaging in this political activity. By cheapening the immage of the Church and making it appear as a partisan player the Church will do itself more long term harm than any short term benefit from a few extra parishioners among the illegal aliens. I have ceased donations to Catholic Charities until they assure me that none of my contributions will be spent on pro illegal alien political activity.

Tue Apr 11, 08:11:00 AM PDT  
Blogger GunJam said...

hi, anonymous. Thank you for your comment. Your words -- as a Catholic -- carry FAR more weight than mine ever could. I suspect that you are not alone in your position. Thank you for speaking out -- and I do hope that you will continue to do so, as (in time) you will have an impact, I believe. Regards -- gunjam

Tue Apr 11, 02:57:00 PM PDT  

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