Friday, April 07, 2006

Exhibit A for Repealing the Seventeenth Amendment

Exhibit A for Repealing the Seventeenth Amendment

Anyone who has ever bothered to notice will see that I keep two permanent links on my blog dealing with the odious Seventeenth Amendment to the United States: Here and here.

If one ever wanted for an example as to why the (unfortunate) Seventeenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States needs to be repealed, the Keystone Kops routine (performed on cue to globalist choreography) played out this past week over the issue of illegal immigration by our “popularly elected” solons should be example enough.

In an interesting paradox, the Seventeenth Amendment makes our directly elected Senators far less responsive to the electorate than the method intended by the Founders (election by the respective State legislators).

Here is the way it worked:  State legislators pick lousy senators, the state legislators lose their jobs!  This both makes the job of being a state legislator far more important and more accountable at the same time.

As it is, virtually the only people that can make an effective run for the senate in a state larger than Delaware is to have personal assets in the tens to hundreds of millions of dollars and to spread it liberally on campaign-season media blitzes.

The Senate has been the “sick man” of Congress for decades.  It is time for the petitions to get moving:  REPEAL THE SEVENTEENTH.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another one to help break Washington's grip on power. Repeal withholding and have people send DC a check once a year. See how people feel about sending a check with 5 digits to DC. Withholding is too painless.

If we can't get rid of withholding, how about witholding can only occur on a single paycheck each month! Maybe people would notice that difference.

Sun May 07, 08:34:00 PM PDT  

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