Sunday, March 12, 2006

Revisiting Buying Danish

Revisiting Buy Danish

When the “Muhammad Funnies” hullabaloo broke loose last month, one of the many ugly upshots was a froth-mouthed, knee-jerk declaration of an IslamoBoycott of Danish goods.

Lovers of freedom everywhere (What? There are maybe about 300 of us left?) immediately heralded the virtues of buying Danish.

My first inclination was to go out and buy some Danish beer – whether Carlsberg or Tuborg (or both) did not matter.

Well, I found that buying either of those beers in San Antonio was easier said than done.  Sure, some restaurants (e.g., Chester’s Hamburgers) offer Carlsberg if you are eating there.  Taking a six-pack home, however, is another matter.

Well, this past week, I was able to locate an outlet offering Carlsberg, and I picked up two six-packs.

Okay.  I am doing my part to support Denmark.  How about you folks?  I know they sell good dairy products, too.  

Update:  Now I realize that the same company (Carlsberg) makes BOTH Carlsberg and Tuborg.

Update 2: Now I realize that you can buy Carlsberg online (in some locations – one of which is NOT Texas).


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Best regards from NY!

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