Saturday, March 11, 2006

Illegal Hordes Lay Siege to Chicago: Local Government Complicit

Illegal Hordes Lay Siege to Chicago:  Local Government Complicit; Federal Government Oblivious

Hordes of people speaking Spanish and flying Mexican flags in the heartland of America – demanding their self-arrogated rights!

Please click on this link.  (Hat tip: Drudge.)

Please look at the pictures.

Please notice all the people – almost every one of them an illegal alien.

Please notice all the Mexican flags being flown – any question as to where these folks’ primary political loyalties lie?

Their Spanish-language chant was (in translation):  “Yes. We CAN!” (In other words, those with no right to be here were DEMANDING amnesty.)

What is worse, the Mayor of Chicago and the Governor of Illinois were on hand to wave the white flag of surrender to these invaders.

Our Federal Government is derelict in its duty.  Its agents should have been on hand taking pictures and taking names – as prelude to deportation.

If you love this country, this article should bother you.

The inimitable Michelle Malkin has more.


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