Sunday, March 05, 2006

Politically Correct US Generals – Make Me Want to Vomit

Politically Correct US Generals – Make Me Want to Vomit

And now, to top off our week-and-a-half of hearing how we will “humiliate” the UAE with our “Islamophobia” if we do not turn over control of six of our largest ports to them, now we read that (the appropriately named) US General FREAKLEY has ordered that ONLY the “Afghan” flag may fly in Afghanistan (not the US flag, not the Canadian flag, not the British flag, etc).

Never mind that Americans and Canadians and Brits have died fighting in Afghanistan.

Never mind that we permit the Germans to fly their flag over the base we let them use in New Mexico.

No: We may not fly the US or Canadian or British (or any other coalition nation’s flag).

It’s all about “sensitivities,” you know!  (Sensitivities, that is, I suppose, for those who recently rioted in the streets of Aghanistan like madmen because of some cartoons published in Denmark MONTHS earlier.

This is one more nail in the coffin that holds my dead support for the Bush Administration, the Dumbsfeld DoD, and the Condi Rice State Department.

Sorry: I did NOT intend for this kind of Clintonesque decision-making to take place when I voted for Bush.

President Bush need not wonder why his popularity is bottoming out: He is governing like a Clinton.


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