Thursday, January 26, 2006

Google: Dont Be Evil (Be Really, REALLY eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevilllllll!)

Google: Dont Be Evil (Be Really, REALLY eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevilllllll!)

First, let’s trace a little background on the “US-Internet-giants-bending-over-and-spreading-cheeks’-service- to-the-Communist-gangsters-who-run-China” story.

In the past, this blog has (rightfully) criticized Yahoo in the past for turning in a list of names of users at the request of the Chinese Government.  Result: One freedom-loving Chinese jailed.  Yahoo’s Jerry Yang’s response?  “Hey, ve vere chust followink ohders!”

Then, more recently (and, as yet, unposted upon in this blog), we learned that the company started by Time Magazine’s most recent 1/3-man-of-the-year, Bill Gates . . .  That’s right: Microsoft – via its MSN Spaces entity – has been doing the bidding of the Chinese Government by SHUTTING DOWN Chinese-language blogs that the Chinese Government might find offensive!  I mean, hey, human liberties are great, but we already enjoy them here in the US, so we want to make a buck suppressing them in China, ok?

Well, now, it has REALLY hit the fan this week, now that Google – an American-based and allegedly freedom-loving corporation – has agreed to SELF-CENSORSHIP for the thugs in charge in China – you know, the ones who brought us “Tianenman Square,” where hundreds died for daring to express an opinion not dictated to them by their Communist overlords.

Google – whose company motto is used to be “don’t be evil” – saw fit to make a deal with the Chinese-Communist Devil himself in order to make a buck.  Apparently, the new, Chinese-Government-approved monstrosity will be called “”  

Hey, SO WHAT if the Chinese people will not be able to find such “dangerous” sites as by searching on their search engines by typing in “wikipedia” (although typing in “” apparently works), will be making big bucks – and that is all that matters, right?  I am sure that “morally flexible” folks at Google would also be able to accommodate themselves to Stalin’s demands, as well, were he still alive today!  

Can you spell:  appeasers?  How about collaborators?

My advice: DUMP ALL GOOGLE SHARES YOU MAY OWN NOW!!!!! (Remember: These empty suits and skirts have shown that they worship money.  These creeps will whore for money!  Dumping your shares will hit them in their pocketbooks!  (They have no hearts to which to appeal, after all!)

Somehow, in all these goings-on, Cisco has escaped scrutiny in this blog regarding the same kinds of perfidy against the people of China:  While Microsoft provides the software and some of the Web services, alongside fellow Web giants Yahoo and Google, Cisco apparently provides much of the HARDWARE on which the “great firewall of China” is configured.  

Perhaps someday soon we can visit Cisco’s alleged role in betraying the oppressed people of China, as well.

One after-the-original-post link:  lgf compares the results for the search “tiananmen square” as found in Google v.

The Political Teen has more.

Must-see link to piece on Michelle Malkin.

Apologies to readers: Links in above piece not yet in place; check back tomorrow for those.


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