Sunday, November 27, 2005

Ms. Rice: No ‘Iron Lady’ When It Comes to Stopping Violence in Darfur (Sudan)

Ms. Rice:  No ‘Iron Lady’ When It Comes to Stopping Violence in Darfur (Sudan)

In a recent opinion piece in the Washington Times, Nat Hentoff (rightly) castigates the strangely out-of-touch-with-reality SECSTATE Condi Rice regarding her dealings with the thugs in control of Sudan.

As I recall, her staff was roughed up while visiting that country a few months ago.  Perhaps Ms. Rice is like those ladies who marry wife-beaters: She has rewarded Sudan with a waiver permitting them to hire a high-powered US lobbyist named Robert Cabelly for an annual fee of over half a million dollars in order to improve the image of this jihadist nation in the eyes of Americans.

Mind you, the slaughter in the Darfur region of Sudan continues.  

And, yet, Rice approves the hiring of the lobbyist.  And the loathesome Robert Cabelly, is happy to take Sudan’s money to improve the image of the cutthroat jihadist thugs who run that hell-hole of a country.

To his credit, Congressman Frank Wolf (R-VA), is criticizing Rice’s recent move regarding the waiver for the Sudanese government.

Mr. Wolf says as follows:

This American company [Robert Cabelly] is taking money to wage a lobbying war against the hundreds of organizations and more than 130 million Americans who have voiced their concern about the situation in Darfur.

The columnist (Hentoff), moreover, pointedly (and rhetorically) asks of Ms. Rice as follows:  

And I do think Miss Rice should explain to those 130 million Americans, let alone the millions of Darfurians (who cannot return to their villages torn apart by the Janjaweed) why she granted a waiver to this lobbying outfit, despite Executive Order 13067 prohibiting transactions with the Sudanese government. (It was signed by President Clinton in 1997.)

Indeed, Ms. Rice, what WERE you thinking when you granted Sudan this (possibly illegal) waiver?


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