Saturday, November 05, 2005

There Is None So Blind As He Who WILL Not See

There Is None So Blind As He Who WILL Not See

For all those who may be thinking of the Muslim riots in France “it can’t happen here (in the US),” think again.

Mr Victor Davis Hanson calmly details for us in very tightly written prose the long chain of Muslim terrorist suspects and convicts that have been arrested for their terrorist plans and or activities against the United States.  (Hat tip: real clear politics.)  Funny: I don’t remember anyone talking much in the MSM lately about a “pattern of Muslim terrorist activity in the United States.”  Perhaps we are willfully blind to the realities of our precarious existence?

Fortunately, most of the would-be terrorists were apprehended while they were still in the planning stage.  Hanson raises the question: How many MORE are there out there IN OUR MIDST.  He also raises the question:  What is the prevailing level of SYMPATHY for terrorists among the rapidly-growing general American MUSLIM population?

Hint:  You do NOT have to read the ENTIRE article by Hanson to get a taste of what he is talking about.  At least read the first 10 paragraphs or so.

The greatest problem we have now are the people in the Democratic Party and the Mainstream Media who are more concerned about the “rights” of detained terrorist suspects held by our Government, more concerned about the “rights” of Palestinian terrorists targeted by the Israeli government, more concerned about the “social oppression” of French Muslim rioting thugs, and more concerned about the “Constitutional rights” of Muslims who use our airports and public transportation (not to be targeted for searches) – than they are about the Islamofascist threat on our OWN shores!

At the very least they are willingly blind to the nature and the extent of the problem that we face in this country from Muslims who reside here.  At the very worst, they SYMPATHIZE with their jihadist goals, as their constant barrage of anti-Iraq War agitprop makes clear.

Funny: Those who shill for and egg on the jihadists will in no way be exempt from their throat-cutting agenda.  

The fact is that we are not talking about merely theoretical problems.  Please note that Dutch authorities just arrested a Dutch-born Muslim for plotting to shoot down an Israeli El-Al jet during its flight to Holland.  (Hat tip: lgf.)

Sadly, the current Administration is NOT up to the task of calling for the PROFILING of Middle Eastern males in airports.  Hell, they are too busy hosting religious Islamic gatherings at the White House.

Worse yet: As BAD as the current Administration is – it is LIGHT YEARS better than a Gore- or Kerry- or Clinton-led Administration would be with respect to our problem with terrorism.

A salute to Mudville Gazette’s Open Post


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