Sunday, June 19, 2005

The Dick Durbin caper is still churning. If we compare the way boiling water lets off steam in an uncovered pan to the way it does in a covered teapot, we may get a picture of how the MSM's initial general ignoring/downplaying of Durbin's scurrilous Senate-Floor slander of our troops has caused the steam to build up longer in an enclosed environment. This means that when it finally builds up pressure it will be let off with even MORE force than would have been the case if the MSM had originally given Durbin's sordid mischaracterization of our troops the play it deserved.

Obviously the New Media have been hitting the Durbin thing non-stop -- and it is beginning to have a cumulative effect.

Here are some interesting links:

First, for a good chuckle see how Greyhawk (to whom hat is tipped) posts links to three terrific caricatures based on Durbin's oral flatulence -- one via Hugh Hewitt found in the Indianapolis Star, another by Cox and Forkum, and a third by Chris Muir.

Second, the Don Lambro (in the Washington Times online) explains that -- back in Illinois -- the natives are getting restless over what they perceive to be Mr. Durbin's lack of circumspectness.

Third, Newsmax tells us that old Newt Gingrich has sent a letter to the Senate asking the other 99 members of the "world's most exclusive club" to officially C-E-N-S-U-R-E Mr. Durbin. Gingrich suggests that the roll call on that vote will clearly delineate where each solon stands with regard to the character of our troops.

Finally, a couple days ago Fox personality Linda Vester blogged about the issue and posted a TERRIFIC email from an Army Sergeant "C," from New Jersey, who served in Gitmo as a guard. Part of his email is as follows: They [the Gitmo detainees] cursed, spit, threw fecal matter and semen[!] on us. They also verbally threatened and physically assaulted us. Vester indicates in the same piece that she will investigate to see if Sgt. "C"'s claims of detainee abuse of US Soldiers can be verified. Please drop Linda an email to encourage her to do a piece on her Fox-News TV show about the reprehensible treatment OUR soldiers at Gitmo are FORCED to endure at the hands of these jihadist detainees for who the hearts of Senators Durbin, Kennedy, and Leahy bleed so.


Blogger Call Me Grandma said...

Dick Durbin is a disgrace. He is right up there with Jane Fonda. I hope that is how history will view him.

Sun Jun 19, 04:41:00 AM PDT  
Blogger GunJam said...

Hi, a military mom!

Thank you for your comment! Good point: How will history view Mr. Durbin -- and his loathesome comments the other day on the Senate Floor?

Sun Jun 19, 11:53:00 AM PDT  

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