Tuesday, June 28, 2005

I had posted about the issue of women in combat a few days back. Now here is another piece on the same topic that just appeared in NewsMax.

Folks, igoring this topic will NOT make it go away: There is something about the sight of a woman with a broken or maimed body with injuries sustained in a combat environment which weighs heavily on the consciences of those of us who are devotees of the Judaeo-Christian Tradition (as opposed to, say, the Jihadists). It is sight that bespeaks responsibilities shirked and time-honored traditions trashed.

For President Bush -- husband of one woman and father of two others who have never served a day in their lives in the military -- to remain blissfully silent on this issue does not sit well with me whatsoever. Intended or not, such silence on his part exudes the arrogance and callousness of the ultra-rich and ultra-powerful. Sorry: It does -- and I voted for the man. Apparently, when it comes to the issue of putting US military women in combat/combat-support roles, President Bush has gone over to the dark side -- after all, they are not HIS women who are getting shot at!

As Michael Savage pointed out on his radio show: Last Friday, several hours after the news of the wounding and deaths of the Women Marines in Fallujah was released -- Bush spent a fun evening at the Washington Nationals game without uttering so much as a syllable of public condolences about the event.

Frankly, if I had been the parent of one of those women so hurt in Fallujah, I would have been outraged. I mean, how HARD would it have been for the President to have said to these families before the game via a television reporter: "I'm sorry. Thank you for your daughters'/wives'/sisters' brave service to our country."

Now, lest I be wrongly one-sided on this issue myself, I will gladly say that the political leaders of BOTH parties and their appointees -- as well as the military brass -- have all been eager co-conspirators in this plot against America for some 30 years now.

Thinking they could somehow get military manpower "on the cheap," they have gradually feminized our military to the point where our troops now have to put on plastic gloves(!) when handling Korans at Camp Gitmo. Believe me -- that is effeminate: NO REAL MAN in his right mind would do such a thing (unless ordered to do so).

On the matter of a feminized military, the pigeons have only just BEGUN to come home to roost. Pretending there is not a problem will NOT solve anything. Hint: I will say upfront that one of the PRIMARY reasons for the Army's/USMC's recruitment problems is the advanced state of feminization that currently obtains in those branches. (Don't believe me? Try watching a WWII movie to refresh yourself on what the military USED to be like: Even a Hawaii-based flick like "From Here to Eternity" is an eye-opener.) Men want challenges that are uniquely male.


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