Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Moral Implosion of the Bush Administration

In just two days, President George B. Wuss has -- for all practical purposes -- erased all his accomplishments with two morally callow and (to his own base) egregiously despicable moves:

- Met (via his emissaries) face-to-face with the criminals from Iran (even as they are helping to kill our troops in both Iraq and Afghanistan) -- something to which even Bill Clinton did not even stoop, and

- Reviled American patriots who oppose the shamnesty legislation now before the Senate -- American patriots who actually believed Wuss in earlier days when he said that we were involved in a war on terror, but who now loathe him and the sound of his voice.

Move over Jimmah! You now have company down there on the BOTTOM SHELF of US Presidential History.

George B. Wuss has stuck his finger in this former supporter's eye for the last time. Mr. President, from now on, you can find your support from Teddy and your "third brother," Bill.

Update: More from Cox & Forkum via lgf: I hadn't even noticed that the Wuss Administration met with the Iranian thugs ON MEMORIAL DAY! What a great way to show respect for our War Dead, Mr. President!

Update: From Michelle Malkin: Her rebuttal to President Wuss's attack on opponents of Shamnesty bill -- Namely, what about the President's sworn Constitutional authority to protect our borders?


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