Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Army Major Skewers the Perfumed Princes in Guest Editorial

The late Colonel David Hackworth (as far as I am aware) coined the term “Perfumed Princes” to describe the vast majority of overpaid politicians masquerading as Generals and Admirals in today’s military.

While the size of the military has been roughly halved since the days of Ronald Reagan, the ranks of our generals and admirals are bulging with excess fat, incompetence, and weakness.

In a guest editorial in today’s Washington Times, Army Major Daniel L. Davis articulately skewers (and flays) the many losers that populate today’s general ranks – including one by name (the distinctly less-than-admirable Retired Marine Corps General, Gen. John J. Sheehan).

America, her military, and her President have been ill-served by her generals for at least a generation. Time to clean house and find some MEN (sorry, girls!) of ability, character, conviction, and devotion to duty to lead the fine men on the firing line


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