Sunday, May 06, 2007

Horrible: Honor Killing in (Iraqi) Kurdistan

This time, the blame does not go to Muslims, but to Yezidis -- a smaller religious group in Iraq.

The story is the same though: A young (seventeen-year-old) girl is dragged out and stoned to death for her involvement with her (not-approved-by-the-community) boyfriend. (Hat tip: lgf.)

Brutal: They not only stoned her to death, but they took thirty minutes to finish the job. A well-conducted stoning should not take more than five minutes, but being merciful was not in this gaggle's plan.

Pictures here.

Update: Info from the KWRW (Kurdish Women's Rights Watch).

Update: If you are up to it: Video of the murder is here -- live, as it happened. The site providing it is an Assyrian (Iraqi Christian) site that in no way approves of this atrocity, but which fills in the details. The girl was tricked into leaving safe haven, ambushed, and killed in the most degrading and vicious way possible.

Update: Amnesty International speaks out against this despicable act.


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