Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Memo to "the Decider" Bush: Time to Make an Overdue Decision to Confront Iran!

It is simply maddening -- to say nothing of criminally negligent -- for the Bush Administration and its Pentagon to continue its current limp-wristed approach to Iran's ongoing blatant efforts to kill our troops in Iraq. In this same vein, I also give abysmal marks to the increasingly-disappointingly squishy-soft Condoleeza Rice at State and Republicans in Congress (who should be CLAMORING for action against Iran).

I am saying nuke Iran? Invade Iran? There are a number of things we could do short of these drastic measures that could cause Iran a good deal of grief. John Bolton has suggested a strike at one link in the Iranian uranium-to-nuclear missile development chain. Radio talk-show host Michael Savage has suggested (not so laughably) deniable-but-destructive strikes against Iranian port facilities. Iran's economy is shaky as it is: It would not take much pressure from us to put a real hurt on the mullahs. I am sure there are other options, as well.

The bottom line: The President appears for all the world to me to be paying in the blood of US soldiers for some sort of short-sighted temporary truce with Congressional Democrats laser-beamed on engineering a US defeat in Iraq by doing NOTHING substantive about Iran's ill-disguised efforts to undermine our efforts in Iraq.

Hot Air links to this Guardian piece, as well.


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