Saturday, February 25, 2006

Deeyah: One Gutsy (Muslim) Woman

Deeyah: One Gutsy (Muslim) Woman

First, let me confess: I an NOT a hip-hop music fan.  Second, if I had a daughter (and I don’t) I would NOT want her cavorting on stage in such sexually-provocative dress as worn in the video discussed below.

However, that said, after the disgusting and VERY discouraging Dhimmi-like behavior of our current (and two previous) Presidents over the past week or two vis-à-vis the depradations of Islamofascism, I am impressed with the courage of this woman.  

Who, you ask?  Deeyah:  Self-portrayed as the “Muslim Madonna.”  There is no question:  This woman is possessed of feminine pulchritude in generous quantity.  But this post is not about Deeyah’s charm: It is about her courage.

You see, Deeyah has a new video out.  And it openly challenges the Islamofascists.  

She has merited posts by uber-bloggers Michelle Malkin (Hat tip to whom) and Hugh Hewitt.

Did I forget to say?  Deeyah needs bodyguards.

Does anyone wonder who is threatening her?

When considers the state of affairs in the world today – with the Islamic world frothing with rage at the West and with the leaders of the West cringing in abject Dhimmi-like apologetic postures – it is ironic indeed that a beautiful young Muslim WOMAN is demonstrating more courage (and at far greater risk to her well-being) than all the leaders of the West (and – sadly – that includes President Bush!) combined in speaking out against the excesses of the Islamofascists!

Update: Gaijinbiker has a post on this topic, as well.


Blogger A. Shah said...

She's easy on the eyes, her music is kinda lame, and Muslim's should leave her alone. Here's my take on Deeyah.

Wed Mar 29, 01:03:00 AM PST  

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