Monday, October 31, 2005

McCain, Again! Phony As a Three-Dollar Bill!

McCain, Again! Phony As a Three-Dollar Bill!

This Senator McPain fellow is really getting to be too much.  According to, today McPain had the chutzpah to get on the Don Imus (radio) show and say the following:  

"I voted for Justice Ginsburg and Justice Breyer because I think elections have consequences. I didn't share their judicial philosophy."

However, asked directly if he would support Alito, McCain told Imus: "Well, I'm favorably disposed but I'd like to see what happens in the hearings."

Obviously, McPain does NOT get it: If he could bring himself to vote for the radical leftists Breyer and Ginsburg, then he should not even have to reflect for a nanosecond as to whether or not to vote to confirm the President’s latest SCOTUS nominee, Judge Alito.

For anyone with a brain to see, McPain’s votes for Breyer and Ginsburg have done obvious harm to this country.  He SHOULD feel guilty.  He SHOULD be looking for a way to REDEEM himself in the eyes of the Republican base by EAGERLY going out on a limb and promoting Alioto.

But, no!  McPain has to posture as though he is undecided: McPain somehow thinks that he is appealing to Democrats.  (Little does he realize that he is ALIENATING the HELL out of the Republican grassroots by his idiocies.)

It is no secret that McPain wants to run as a Republican in the next Presidential election.  At the current rate, he is “cruising for a bruising” – with his hide the one that is going to be bruised.

McPain has a slight problem: He seems to be unable to distinguish between what is good for the country and what is good for his enormously oversized ego.  

McPain thinks the following: My ego – right or wrong!  MY EGO!

We shall see Mr. McPain.  We shall see.

A salute to Mudville Gazette Open Post.


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