Sunday, October 09, 2005

Syria Skates

Syria Skates

Apparently, American officials were recently discussing whether or not to bomb sites in Syria being used by what AFP euphemizes as “insurgents”, but whom we ALL know are in actuality brutal, Islamofascist terrorists operation in Iraq.

In other words, the thugs killing US troops in Iraq are being permitted by Syria to set up camps, supply lines, etc, on Syrian soil.

This makes Syria a party to the war in Iraq – and NOT on our side, either.

The obvious, common sense, logical approach?  Bomb the camps.

Whom can we ALWAYS count on to advocate the ridiculous, idiotic, and illogical approach?  Right:  The State Department.

That’s right, Syria’s bacon was saved THIS time (they must have nine lives) by the ever-less-impressive Secretary of State, Condoleeza Rice, who (unfortunately) successfully argued that “diplomatic isolation” was a more effective approach to Syria than bombing terrorist camps on Syrian soil.

Let’s get this straight, Secretary Rice:  You are willing to PERMIT terrorists to CONTINUE to enjoy SAFE HAVEN in Syria while YOU and your fellow Foggy Bottom appeasers pussyfoot around with the Devils of Damascus?

And, if your policy costs American fighting men’s lives?  What of that, Secretary Rice?

Once again, it cannot be said too often to the Inside-the-Beltway types: If we are going to fight a war, we need to FIGHT LIKE WE MEAN IT!  

(Are we doing that now?  The snide laughter I am hearing all the way from Damascus tells me otherwise.)

(Hat tip: Drudge.)


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