Sunday, October 09, 2005

Lets Stop Bringing Knives to the Gunfight!

Let’s Stop Bringing Knives to the Gunfight!

Bill Roggio, over at The Fourth Rail, has a great post on how the Jihadis routinely violate any semblance of the Laws of Armed Conflict (LOAC) and/or the Geneva Conventions.

The terrorists routinely operate out of mosques – as they did throughout the two battles for Fallujah.

Why we don’t target mosques so used for IMMEDIATE shelling is beyond me.

While Mr. Roggio rightly decries the media’s (seditiously) one-sided treatment of this treacherous behavior, I would rather upbraid the Pentagon brass for continuing to force our fighting men to observe some absurd set of “Marquis de Queensbury Rules” of engagement while fighting terrorist thugs who do not enjoy combatant status under the Geneva Conventions, anyway.

(Hat tip: Greyhawk.)


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