Sunday, October 09, 2005

So, War Is NOT the Answer, Huh?

So, War Is NOT the Answer, Huh?

Do you ever grow weary of the mindless slogans of the enemies of America?  You know, the ones they foist upon the college youth of America, who affix them to their care bumpers?

One of the more ludicrous is: “War Is NOT the Answer!”  To me, that is like saying “Surgery Is NOT the Answer.”  

To be objective, in some situations, surgery – like war – is very advisable.  In other situations, neither is.  To spout such a line as some sort of unalterable, universal truth is to expose a serious lack of maturity in one’s personal philosophy.

Of course, the “War Is NOT the Answer!” bumper stickers are being sported in opposition to President Bush’s current expedition in Iraq.  

(Note: The Left, for some reason, did NOT post similar bumper stickers when Lover-Boy Bill Clinton led a war against Serbia – or, was it Bosnia?)

Well, here is an EXCELLENT opinion piece by William Shawcross appearing in – of all places – the Los Angeles Times, defending the current war effort in Iraq and decrying the short-sighted calls for our premature withdrawal from that conflict.  (Hat tip: realclearpolitcs.)

PLEASE read Shawcross’ piece!  It’s title?  “Peace is not the answer”.


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