Saturday, October 22, 2005

Here We Go AGAIN: The Seditionist Media and the PC Military Brass Collaborate Against Our Troops on the Front Line

Here We Go AGAIN: The Seditionist Media and the PC Military Brass Collaborate Against Our Troops on the Front Line

I am just SICK of all the reports by seditionist, America-hating, terrorist-sympathizing MSM news outlets – such as AP, BBC, the New York Times, Time, ABC, NBC, etc – trumpeting to the world ALLEGED atrocities committed by American troops in combat against a cutthroat enemy.  (Keep in mind that these SAME reporters seem to be able to manage to GLOSS OVER the atrocities REGULARLY committed by the terrorists against Americans and Muslims alike.  Hell, most often, they cannot even bring their delicate tongues to say either the “T” word (terrorists) or the “I” word (Islamofascists).)

However, what is even WORSE than the seditionist media is the apparent predominance in the US military brass and Pentagon bureaucracy of spineless, politically correct quislings, who go the extra mile to hammer our own troops on the ground – troops who actually act as though they are engaged in a war against the kind of people who fly airplanes into buildings or who blow up Iraqi school children – in order to score points with the terrorist-sympathizers in the media and the Democratic Party.

Instead of defending their own troops who put their lives on the line fighting this war, these gutless Pentagon Perfumed Princes hold their hands to their mouths in horror and put fresh brown stains on their panties every time AP or Time comes out with another military-bashing story.

Bottom line, while I am not advocating what these soldiers did as model battlefield behavior, who am I to second-guess them?  The corpse-burning was most likely an act of psychological warfare.  Now, if our present crop of “perfumed” generals doesn’t have the stomach for war, they need to retire early and let some younger, battle-hardened troops take their place.  In fact, the Pentagon – and the entire US Military – is overrun with excess Generals.

Moreover, the Australian Islamic spokesman quoting Geneva Conventions is a total loser:  First, the Taliban are not soldiers in a regular Army and, thus, they do not have ANY standing under the Geneva Conventions; Second, do you want to bet “Al-Spokesman” has failed to rail against a single jihadist throat-slitting of innocent non-Muslims; and, Third, I’ll be DAMNED if I am going to let some enemy-sympathizing, jihadist-loving, America-hating Australian Muslim dictate US military doctrine – let alone stand in judgment over our soldiers – men whose feet he is not worthy to lick.  When will SOMEBODY in the Bush/Dumbsfeld Pentagon bureaucracy have the cojones to stand up and say that?  (Crickets.)

If these two soldiers are sent to prison, then it can clearly be said that our war effort is not only being undermined from within by the Academy, the media, the ACLU, and the Democratic Party – but, tragically, it is ALSO being sabotaged from within the bowels of the Pentagon itself – where the words of an Australian Islamist will obviously have counted for more than the collective pain of all the relatives of the 9-11 victims combined.


Anonymous Christine said...

If lining up 5 teachers and spraying them with bullets in front of a class full of kids isn't psychological warfare, I don't know what is. This enemy could give a shit about "rules of warfare".

Sat Oct 22, 05:57:00 AM PDT  
Blogger GunJam said...

hey christine! Great post! Oh, yes, but our prissy GENERALS care (as they motor off to the golf course). -- gunjam

Sat Oct 22, 11:08:00 PM PDT  

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