Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Islamofascists: Equal Opportunity Throat Slitters

Islamofascists:  Equal Opportunity Throat Slitters

I feel rather badly – as though I have perhaps misrepresented the radical adherents of Islam, by having presented their atrocities in a somewhat distorted manner.

Most of us know that the Islamofascists hate Israel, Zionists, and Jews – and that they are waging a virtually non-stop terrorist intifada-jihad against Israel.  (Hat tip: aaron’s cc:)

Of course, we are also aware that the Islamokazis also hate Christians – and have been particularly keen to kill and/or rape Lebanese, Russians, Americans, British, Filipinos and Australia in places as diverse as Saudi Arabia, Moscow, New York City, Baghdad, Ramadi, London, the Philippines and Bali.  (Hat tips: lgf and aaron’s cc:.)

Furthermore, we know that the Allahu-Akbar-gang is not averse to killing other Muslims – whether Muslims with black skin (as in Darfur), or Muslims with Shi’ite leanings (as in Baghdad and elsewhere in Iraq), or even other Sunni Muslims who don’t follow their agenda and cooperate with the Americans (Iraq again).

Additionally, Islamic fanatics are busy in Indonesia, killing their Christian and Hindu countrymen.

Qur’an-carrying butchers are also hard at work against the Hindus of Kashmir.

Additionally, the throat-slitters are working overtime against the Buddhists of southern Thailand, spontaneous decapitation and throat-slitting being one of their favorite terrorizing routines.  (Hat tip:  lgf.)

Therefore, perhaps I owe an apology to Muslim terrorists everywhere:  They don’t just kill Jews, Christians, and non-jihadist Muslims, but – to be fair – they also kill Hindus and Buddhists, as well.  They truly are equal-opportunity cutthroats – which is likely why members of the mainstream media and gutless politicians treat them with kid-gloves.  (Tragicomically, such quislings think that by appeasing the terrorists, they somehow will save their own skins.)

Religion of Peace indeed.  If President Bush is ever impeached, one of the charges against him should be the popularization of that ludicrous moniker to describe Islam.  

Not that all Muslims are terrorists (by any means), mind you, but sadly and undeniably – in case someone hadn’t noticed – almost all terrorists these days are Muslims.

To deny the relationship between Islam and its terrorists is to deny the reality of 9/11, which, indeed, is what some quislings in the media and political leadership would prefer we do.


Anonymous Christine said...

Funny. I had the same thought this morning while growling about the wingbats. Do they think that if they stand up and scream in defense of these terrorists, that somehow they won't become a victim? Shows just how uneducated some Americans are.

Tue Oct 18, 05:56:00 AM PDT  
Blogger GunJam said...

hi christine! Thank you for the visit and the post! Great comment! -- gunjam

Tue Oct 18, 05:33:00 PM PDT  

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