Saturday, June 16, 2007

Tancredo Gets a Win in the House: Vote to Withhold Funds from “Sanctuary” Cities

Few things disgust me more than cities who declare themselves protectors of lawbreakers -- but, only lawbreakers of a certain flavor, mind you! What flavor of lawbreaker is that, you ask? Why lawbreakers of the "illegal alien" variety -- a peculiarly "protected species" among criminals. Bleeding hearts like to protect them

What happens in "sanctuary cities," such as Austin and San Antonio, Texas, and Denver, Colorado, just to name a few, is that the mayor, city council, and/or chief of police direct their police NOT to ask individuals picked up for breaking the (or on suspicion of same) if they are in this country legally.

Thus, those guilty of having broken into this country illegally are members of a "specially protected class" of criminals.

Well, thanks to Tom Tancredo's work in Congress, the House just passed a bill that will deny further DHS (Homeland Security) funds to cities who have such "criminal-protecting" policies in place. In fact, almost 50 House Democrats also voted for this bill.

Of course, the bill still faces two huge hurdles: The illegals-pandering US Senate and the illegals-loving President.


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