Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Bush Administration’s Continuing War against Border Patrol Agents

Few things fill me with a greater sense of injustice than the repeated reports I read of the Bush Administration's continued war on our own Border Patrol.

What war, you ask?

Well: Like refusing to spend ALREADY-ALLOCATED funds to build some seven-hundred miles of border fence or to expand significantly the size of the Border Patrol force.

And, like pressing charges against Border Patrol agents when they act in self-defense -- serious charges, charges that land them EXTREMELY long prison sentences. This blog has posted previously about Agents Ramos and Compeian, as well as about Agent Aleman.

Here is the latest agent in the Bush Administration's legal crosshairs: Border Patrol Agent Nicholas Corbett. Sounds like there is a judge in Cochise County who is not so eager to send Agent Corbett to prison. So, now the DA may go to a Grand Jury to seek an indictment.

WND has a link to video that may show the incident for which Corbett is being charged with murder: To many, it looks like self-defense. (Sorry, YouJihadiTube pulled the video for some "violation" or other.)

Mr. President, whose side are you on? Evidently not on the side of our overworked, underpaid, undermanned, and demoralized Border Patrol agents!


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