Saturday, June 16, 2007

SECSTATE Condi Rice: Our Present-Day Nevilla Chamberlain (Appeasing Iran Is Her Game)

President Bush has a lot of problems -- not the least of which is an underqualified, courage-challenged Secretary of State.

As we saw last summer during the Israeli-Hezbollah War, Ms. Rice as all about appeasing Hezbollah and leaning on Israel and promised us all that the UN-sponsored "cease-fire" she brokered would introduce a "robust" (her word) UN peace-keeping force that would prevent Hezbollah from rearming. Well, if you believed her, you were stupid! The UN peacekeepers are toothless and spineless and Hezbollah is up to its old tricks, as usual.

Now, in dealing with Hezbollah's sponsors and trainers in Tehran, Ms. Rice is once again counselling the President -- counter to the advice of Mssrs. Bolton and Cheney -- to take the path of diplomacy and appeasement in dealing with the Hitler of our time, Almondhead.

I suggest a new name for Ms. Rice -- Nevilla Chamberlain.

I am afraid President Bush lacks the brains and spine to brush her disastrous advice aside.

One can always hope and pray, however.


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