Sunday, May 06, 2007

A Black Conservative Unloads on White Liberal Racists

Funny, isn't it, how the MSM is so selective in those it "outs" for "racism" or "sexism " and those to whom it gives a free pass?

Here is an article that helps deconstruct what drives this selectivity. As this piece shows, it all hinges on a "loyalty test" -- that is, a test of "loyalty" to the very liberal Democratic Party.

The difference in treatment received by the MSM based solely on this loyalty test is the difference between Barrack Obama's sexualized idol-worship treatment and Condi Rice's blatant mistreatment by the MSM.

This thought-provoking piece is by WND columnist Ellis Washington, an eloquent black conservative writer.

Full disclosure: I strongly criticize Ms Rice, also -- not because she is conservative, but because -- in my view -- she is weak and too prone to appease the Islamists -- tendencies we cannot afford in our top leaders today.


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