Sunday, April 15, 2007

Where Are the Fathers Willing to Stand up to the Ho-Singing Rap Thugs?

We saw this past week the “get tough” attitude that many fathers, race-hucksters, media shills and others took toward an old white guy (Don Imus) who never even uttered the word “Niggah” on air. Even radio host Bill Bennett was saying how Imus needed to be confronted by the Rutgers women’s basketball team-members fathers.

It's easy to stand up to a lone old white guy like Imus. I don't think Imus ever physically threatened anyone. When confronted with his verbal gaffe, Imus apologized profusely and repeatedly. Well, at least the Rutgers team accepted his apology.

Okay… But, I still don’t see the Bill Bennetts, the Al Rokers, the Rat-faced Sharptons, or anyone else standing up to the tough young thugsters rapping about their neighbors’ daughters being ‘hos’ for the taking.

Perhaps if some really tough dads (black, white, Hispanic, Asian) stood up to these rapping punks, things might change a bit.

Since I have no daughters and since I, like Imus am an old washed-up white guy, I do not plan to pick a fight with the young rapping thugs.

However, they do deserve to be smacked down…..


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