Saturday, May 05, 2007

President Bush: The Gelded Cowboy Negotiates with the Enemy

How far President Bush has fallen -- from the once-pugnacious cowboy saying, "bring it on!" -- to the place where he is now sending his Secretary of State to NEGOTIATE WITH AN ENEMY (Syria) who has worked overtime to derail our effort in Iraq.

Bush should have bombed Syria early in the conflict to send the signal that such intervention is unacceptable.

What is it about Syria (a third-rate dictatorial Arab rathole) that as made every President from Reagan on afraid to act against it?

In fact, according to Caroline Glick of the Jerusalem Post, Condi Rice may be a reckless appeasement-enabler of the first order.

Of course, Ms. Rice serves at the President's pleasure.

President Bush seems to have a genetic inability to fire (until far too late, if ever) loyal appointees who are eating his lunch (e.g., George Tenet, Donald Rumsfeld, Alberto Gonzales, and -- now -- Condi Rice). His failure to replace Rice now in my view jeopardizes all that he is trying to do in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

Regarding brokering any kind of peace between Israel and the Palestinians, neither Bush nor Rice has shown the least grasp of reality or the slightest hint of moral courage from the outset. I look for nothing good in this arena. The Israelis need to get good at doing nothing in the way of negotiating.

Update: The Washington Times editorializes against feel-good face-to-face negotiations with rogue states, such as Syria.


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