Monday, January 08, 2007

Accepting Pesos at Pizzerias in DALLAS -- This Should NOT Be Legal!

Accepting Pesos at Pizzerias in DALLAS -- This Should NOT Be Legal!

The pizza chain, Pizza Patron, has announced that – in Dallas, at least – it will start accepting Mexican pesos as valid currency along with US greenbacks.  (Hat tip: Drudge.)

WND has more on this sickening development.

Well, I say – facetiously – why are they discriminating against Salvadoran, Honduran, Colombian, and Chinese currency?

In all seriousness I say: This patently should NOT be legal.  (But, oh, I forgot, our President’s nickname is “Jorge,” according to some, so I am NOT expecting him to stand up on this issue.)

Do you suppose either Senator Hutchsion or Senator Cornyn – or Governor Perry – will grow a spine and oppose this?

By the way, I don’t plan to patronize the Pizza Patron chain anytime soon.  Sure, I am certain that most of their employees are fine, hard-working folks – some of whom are even in this country legally.

However, Pizza Patron is – in my view –  owned by (to invoke radio talk-show host Michael Savagesque terminology) greedy, unpatriotic, subversive, pigs.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

God Damn Libertarians!

Every one of them free market worshipers.

greedy, unpatriotic, subversive

is a perfect description. "Amoral," too.


Mon Jan 08, 08:45:00 AM PST  
Anonymous Wayne said...

What are you all freaking out about? If anything, this is a great business decision because those Pesos, that I am sure were originally dollars, would just wait for their next trip to Mexico but now have an outlet to be put back into the US economy - what is wrong with that?

Thu Jan 11, 02:04:00 AM PST  
Blogger GunJam said...

hi, wayne... have you ever traveled to other countries? I have: and in most cases I had to exchange dollars for the local currency at a bank... what don't you get about what michael savage calls "language, borders, culture?" Do i have to learn spanish now, too? This is america: let's keep it that way. If you love pesos more than your american heritage, move to mexico, is my advice.

-- gunjam


Thu Jan 11, 05:57:00 PM PST  
Anonymous Wayne said...

As a matter of fact I have traveled to other countries (13 different countries to be exact), In some cases you are right, i also had to go to a bank or exchange house to buy local currency - but in many I was able to directly use US dollars. You appear to have missed my point though. I don't really care what other countries do or don't do. My point is that billions of US Dollars end up going south of the border every year. What Pizza Patron is doing is creating a very small venue to bring back some of that money and put it back into the US economy. You would have a leg to stand on with your comment about having to learn Spanish if Pizza Patron was only excepting the Mexican Peso - that however, is not the case, in addition to accepting the US Dollar, they are accepting the Mexican Peso.
By the way, you can order your pizza in Spanish or English.
In general, this is strictly a business decision that happens to benefit the US economy - even if it is in a very small way.

Fri Jan 19, 07:12:00 AM PST  
Blogger GunJam said...

wayne, you keep changing the argument -- from one of "defending the sanctity of the border," and "the rule of law," into some cheap "it makes money" argument. I suppose you "screw-immigration-law-and-let's-
make-money" types would very possibly sell your own daughters to the Mexican mafia (for pesos!) if you thought could sell more pizzas as a result. Your arguments stink.
respectfully, -- gunjam

Sun Jan 21, 09:02:00 PM PST  

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