Tuesday, December 26, 2006

President Gerald Ford Rest in Peace

President Gerald Ford Rest in Peace

Former President Gerald Ford has passed from this earthly scene.  As our 38th President, Ford was less-than-impressive.  However, keep in mind that he never was elected to the post of either Vice-President or President – although he held both positions.

Unique among all American Presidents, Ford entered office unelected to replace an elected man who resigned in disgrace (President Nixon).

While one cannot be too hard on a President for the way his Supreme Court nominees turn out (as they are, ostensibly, free moral agents), Ford’s most singularly notable (and unfortunately so) accomplishment was the appointment to the Supreme Court of the ultra-liberal (and odious) Associate Justice John Paul Stevens.

However, to his credit – unlike his successor, the loathsome Jimmy Carter – Ford had the grace to keep out of the limelight and did not take pleasure glad-handing tinpot tyrants while globetrotting in America-bashing excursions under the limelight of the MSM.


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