Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The Death Rattle of (Liberal, Secular, Atheist) Western Civilization?

The Death Rattle of (Liberal, Secular, Atheist) Western Civilization?

Let’s face it:  (As Mark Steyn has been saying for some time) the WEST is dying.  No.  Not the God-fearing, Bible-believing, America-loving, home-schooling grassroots – but the Liberal, secular, atheist, America-hating, marriage-bashing, gay-loving liberal elite who dominate our universities, our MSM studios and editing rooms, and our university administrations and faculty senates.

Having scorned having children for themselves (the pursuit of sexual pleasure being paramount), they are reduced to recruiting the children of others to their cause.

Don’t get me wrong  -- they are not without means:  The liberals have at their disposal the entire public school system, Hollywood, and the MSM.

Still, those outside the mix – the illegal aliens, the Muslims, and the grassroots Christians – are being fruitful and multiplying.

While I cannot project the new America’s face – a new corrupt Latin American oligarchy?  A Shari’a-based, women-oppressing, Muslim hell-hole?  Or, a freer, more decent, and more Christian, Constitutionally-based society?

Keep in mind that such is the depth of their hatred for Biblical Christianity, that the Liberal elites, in order to influence the future direction of America, will GLADLY cast their lots with the illegal aliens and/or the women-suppressing Muslims before permitting the Christian Patriots to gain power.

A lesson to those who wish to learn from history (where societies begin to disintegrate):  Arm yourselves and purchase ammunition.  Buy survival gear.  Lebanon-style civil strife is undoubtedly coming to America.  You will at the very least want to be able to protect your own family from armed intruders.

Oh, maybe not tomorrow or even next year….. But, barring something unforeseen (and – admittedly – virtually anything is possible), serious civil strife in this country appears to be well-nigh inevitable.

As radio talk-show host Michael Savage is wont to say, any country with nationalistic integrity is held together by its “Language, Borders, Culture” – and the elites (including the current “Texas cowboy” President and his cronies) appear to be intent on undermining all three of these three societal pillars.


Anonymous vindalf said...

LOL, what a paranoid crock of shit---have you stopped taking your meds?

In Denmark and a number of other European countries, they decided to start turning away and deporting extremists who want to pervert their values---being liberal (librul? lieberal?) secularist is not the same as bending over and taking it from wingnuts, Christian or Muslim, who think everyone should live by their books of bullshit. Immigration is OK; right-wing fucktards like you are not.

If I knew thousands of Pat Robertson OR Mahmoud Ahmadinijad clones were immigrating into my country, I'd deport all of them, too. And I'd deport YOU under the same circumstances. They're all equally dangerous because they don't have frontal cortices---just reptilian brain stems with big, loud mouthes attached, shooting off the same old fear porn and appeals to pathos every time.

Christian wingnuts == Muslim wingnuts as far as I'm concerned---the lot of them are a bunch of psychotic imbeciles


Thu Dec 28, 03:29:00 AM PST  
Blogger GunJam said...

vindalf... have you read fjiordman's blog, YET? i have asked you this repeatedly and you continue to ignore me.... ... he is from norway and blogged about scandinavia in particular. your claim that jihadists are being deported from scandinavia is greatly overexaggerated. do you even live in scandinavia? you are a poseur extraordinaire... you seem to think that ad hominem arguments are the highest form of debate. (adolescent in the extreme) - gunjam

Thu Jan 04, 07:34:00 PM PST  

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