Monday, December 25, 2006

Exhibit ‘A’ on How the Bush Administration Does Not Get It (Or: A Tale of Two Bush-Administration Prosecutions)

Exhibit ‘A’ on How the Bush Administration Does Not Get It (Or: A Tale of Two Bush-Administration Prosecutions)

President George W. Bush is a man of privilege, and – although I voted for him (over Kerry!) – I am thoroughly alienated by his utter cluelessness about how life works for the average person.

GWB is an elitist – through and through – and don’t you ever forget it!

Exhibit ‘A’ on how this is so is a comparison on how two different prosecutions were handled on the President’s watch.

First: The (virtual non-)prosecution of former President Bill Clinton’s National Security Advisor Sandy Berger, who HAS ADMITTED to purloining HIGHLY classified documents and destroying some of them.

Please keep in mind that Sandy Berger’s background is apparently that of a lobbyist for big Chinese business interests seeking access to American markets – a real ‘patriot,’ if I do say so myself!  Sandy Berger is wealthy, well-connected, and has not served in the military for a day in his life.  Keep in mind, also, that Berger worked for a Democratic Administration and was being prosecuted by a Republican Administration.

So, how did the Bush Administration “prosecute” Berger?  First, by not seeking ANY prison time AND by seeking a fine SO LOW that the presiding (female) judge INCREASED the fine the well-heeled Berger had to pay, lest the prosecution become a total mockery of justice.

Now, in juxtaposition, let’s take the case of Marine SSgt Frank Wuterich, who – prior to being charged last week with murder for actions taken in Haditha, Iraq, last year, had led his fellow Marines on 150 combat patrols, discovering weapons, unearthing IEDs, and capturing enemy insurgents.

When he was accused (solely by Iraqis living in a city that has been under Sunni insurgent control) of war crimes, the Marine Corps leadership – serving under the Bush Administration’s Pentagon and ultimately under President Bush himself – chose to throw the book at Wuterich and prefer charges that could land him in prison for life.

To the average American, Sandy Berger is a self-seeking cad who would sell his mother – or national secrets, if need be – to gain a financial advantage.  Yet, President Bush treated him like a dear friend with kid gloves.

On the other hand, the average Joe on the American street sees Wuterich – not only as a patriot – but as a wartime hero.  Yet, the Bush Administration sees fit to throw him overboard to appease the Bush-hating worldwide MSM.

Keep in mind that – as Commander-in-Chief – President Bush could put an end to Wuterich’s prosecution (and that of his seven co-defendants) in an instant.

And another thing:  If both these prosecutions had taken place under a Democratic Administration, how differently would they have been conducted.  (Answer:  Likely no differently at all.)  For THIS we voted a Republican into the White House?

This is the kind of thing that brought President Bush his very-much-deserved election day “thumpin’” this past November.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice post. Electing elitists into the US Presidency remains a big problem. They just don't get it. Unfortunately, last election there was no choice (Bush vs Kerry), both as elite as they come. Unfortunately, there may not be much of a choice in the '08 election either.

Tue Dec 26, 06:15:00 AM PST  

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