Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Beginnings of Anti-Wahhabist Backlash from WITHIN Sunni Islam?

Beginnings of Anti-Wahhabist Backlash from WITHIN Sunni Islam?

Writing for TCS, contributor Stephen Schwartz describes how the source of most Sunni Islamic terrorism – Saudi Arabian-engendered and -financed Wahhabism – may be receding in its influence within the Sunni world.

As Schwartz’s article seems to imply, (until now, at least) the current American Administration (and its predecessors) have been willing to turn a blind eye while Saudi money (generally coming from private sources) has been used aggressively to spread the Wahhabist brand of extremism around the world for a number of years now.

Wahhabist Sunni theology has inspired much of the Muslim-on-Muslim conflict in Iraq, as well as anti-Western terrorism in Chechnya, Iraq, and the Balkans.

Apparently, a power struggle within the Saudi power structure looms in connection with this “to Wahhabi or Not to Wahhabi, that is the Question” issue – with the current Saudi leader apparently wanting to BREAK with the Wahhabists.

Interesting stuff – stuff of which the “empty suits” and “leg-crossers” [Michael Savagisms] in the MSM are either unaware and/or unwilling to share with their listeners/readers.

Stay informed: Read Schwartz’s piece.


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